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Dan Prater

Dan’s Interview with Murray Gula, AM 1130 WDFN

Murray Gula

Murray Gula

Dan Prater, Michigan Dowsers’ Coordinator

Michigan Dowsers Video

 Water Well Siting and Drilling in Michigan

Rig next to pondDan & Steve dowsing depthGranular rocksDrill bit

PVC well liner

Good waterDrillingWater sifterKunal at water vein


DSC01787DSC01785Bob with L-rodsHarvey Lisle With Y-Rod

Replenishing a Drought Stricken Pond

Evan's pond

Cameryn found Evan's glasses with L-Rods

Evans Pond

Walking and Creating Labyrinths in Michigan

DSC03672DSC03664DSC03663IMG00234-20101024-1331Adrian Labyrinth2MCC Labyrinth 9MCC Labyrinth 8MCC Labyrinth 5MCC Labyrinth 3Beautiful River Walk SceneryCenter LabyrinthLabyrinth within a LabyrinthMichigan Dowsers at the center of Detroit LabyrinthGrand Blanc Labyrinth.1Adrian-Labyrinth3Michigan DowsersBob at the LabyrinthMichigan Dowsers, Kari, Bob, Carol and Steve walking the Adrian Labyrinth


Member and Event PhotosBruce teaching Bruce with rats Bruce with y rod

Harvey with Scott Pearce2
Harvey Lisle With Y-RodDSC01449Chris Eric and MichelleDSC01701DSC01698DSC01695DSC01505

Flowers in VermontFrank Ashmi & BethJoanne with L-rodsKaren with L-rodsOtis with l-rodsSteve & Frank body dowsingWater dowsing manualJusting with Large L-rodsFrank siting a veinOutdoor classroom

Sharon, Beth, Steve, Chris, Margaret, Kari, Cameryn & Layna