Hello Dowsers!

Welcome to the Michigan Dowsers website.

This Dowsing group was formed to meet the needs of like minded people that wish to learn and share dowsing experiences working with subtle energies.  Working with these subtle energies takes practice, patience and an open mind.

We are committed to providing enjoyable learning and networking experiences.  We discuss and share information on a wide-variety of topics such as traditional water dowsing, dowsing for minerals and noxious zones, map dowsing, health and well-being, constructing labyrinths, locating lost objects or missing people, muscle testing and many other ways to use dowsing in your daily life.

We meet on the third Saturday of the month at various locations so please check our Upcoming Meetings tab to get the time and location.

Everyone is welcome to attend, whether you are new to dowsing or want to improve your skills, please join us as we explore the possibilities of dowsing and all of its
diversity.   More information about our monthly meetings can be found under “Upcoming Meetings”.


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